Business Blogging will change your Business

business blogging is moving at a fast rate as business owners are beginning to realise its benefits. Have you discovered what business blogging can do for your company?

What is Business Blogging?

Blogging took off in 1999 when several companies developed and created blogging software. Since then, the number of blogs found on the World Wide Web (WWW) has exploded from a few thousand to over 100 million. Blogs fall into two categories:

  • Personal blogging – this is a mixture of personal experiences, opinions and research links.
  • business blogging – business blogging is used as a corporate tool for companies to communicate with their customers and or employees in order to share knowledge and expertise.

business blogging has been sweeping the business community for a number of years now as they are an excellent method of sharing a company’s expertise. business blogging is also used as a means of generating increased levels of web traffic and to connect with potential customers.

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Business Blogging Betters Business

In what are proving to be exceptionally testing times for the vast majority of businesses in the UK, there has never been a more important time to keep a firm grip of the clients that you already have, and to be as pro-active as possible when it comes to winning new business.

If you’re looking for new channels to gain new business, now is the time to explore business blogging. Everyone knows that a blog is a type of website with regular entries on particular events such as new services provided by a company, or a special offer or promotion. business blogging is used to either internally enhance communication, or externally for marketing and public relation purposes.

Over the last few years the popularity of blogs and indeed business blogging has increased dramatically – with some blogs achieving millions of page views per day. Imagine being able to offer a unique access point to your target audience. Imagine a personal approach where your readers feel closer to your company, and therefore start to feel a certain brand loyalty. Think business blogging!

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Happy Birthday to you!!!

Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday dear Google, happy Birthday to you!!! Yes, today is a special day; but who’s special day is it?! It’s the Californian-based Google’s Birthday today, and the search engine is celebrating 12 years of business. In fact, it was on this day 12 years ago that the company was first incorporated as a privately held corporation.

Users’ who visit the Google search engine today are greeted by a picture of a cake, of which the candle represents the ‘L’ in the Google logo. The image was created by American painter Wayne Thiebaud. The artist is famous for his paintings of cakes and other everyday objects, and has been associated with the pop art movement for many years.

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A Key Insight into Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular aspects of the World Wide Web (WWW), with people of all ages and from all different backgrounds engaging with branded websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

An effective marketing strategy is crucial for your business, especially within the current economic climate when making new business is vital for increasing sales and revenue. Many companies are realising that their marketing campaign is incomplete without a focus on Social Media Marketing. The majority of people now use Social Media sites, and by choosing to avoid these in your marketing campaign, you are opting to ignore a huge number of potential customers and clients.

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Sloppy Copy? You Need Professional Proofreading Services!

If you’re worried about the quality of your business’s corporate literature and important documents then you need to invest in a quality Proofreading Service. Professional Proofreading Services can ensure that your work is error-free and completely accurate in terms of spelling, grammar and layout. They will also make sure that the text flows and reads well for user.

In the face of the economic downturn, all businesses need to work that extra bit harder to keep hold of existing clients and create new ones, but creating shoddy and inaccurate documents will not do you any favours!

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The Importance of Coordinating SEO and Social Media Marketing

In the past, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies have been seen to compete with Social Media Marketing, however, experts have been taking a closer look at how these must work together in order for each to be successful.

Rather than competing directly with one another, SEO and Social Media Marketing are two mediums that should be used together in order to increase the success of each other. In the current economic climate, having a good online presence in invaluable, especially for those companies who are facing financial uncertainty due to the global recession.

According to many SEO experts, companies should have a clear understanding of how these strategies can compliment each other and where key audiences are to be found online. The vast majority of companies that have been surveyed as part of such research believe that branding is the most important aspect of Social Media Marketing.

The recent launch of Google Chrome has caused increased amounts of debate as to how SEO campaigns will be affected. Many SEO experts strongly believe that keywords will need to be closely monitored due to the launch of Google Instant.

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Will Google Instant affect your SEO strategies?

Following the recent release of Google’s Instant service last week, there has been much debate as to how this will effect search. One expert in SEO has suggested that we monitor key areas whilst the impact of Google Instant remains unclear.

Due to the impact that Google Instant could potentially have on search, it is vital for business owners to monitor their unique keywords that are driving traffic to their site, in order to see whether users are now coming via Google’s shorter query system. It is also recommended that business owners examine the suggestions that the Google too is giving complete their key terms to see whether they are ranking for these. Additionally, they should also monitor non-branded keywords just as closely.

Although it might only be small changes that need to be made to SEO campaigns, it is definitely worth your while checking things out should they affect you SEO strategies. You never know…Google Instant may have an affect on your SEO Copywriting (i.e. your web content). If your unsure about your SEO Copywriting, why not consult the SEO Copywriting experts Precise English Limited.

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Google Instant is Faster!

In short, Google Instant is faster.

Not only is Google Instant faster but it is also momentous, and is going to change the way searchers find what they’re looking for on the world’s most popular search engine. One question you have to ask yourself though, is whether your website is ready for it?

It has been estimated that Google Instant saves searchers between 2-5 seconds when conducting searching online. Using its prediction function, users can see exactly what they need immediately thanks to over fifteen brand-new technologies that Google has put into place for this service.

Google Instant is already bringing a vast amount of implications to SEO, most notably long tail searches. Undoubtedly, Google Instant will have some sort of impact on your SEO campaign so it is advisable that you communicate with your SEO company to find out how your website has been affected by it and how it can be improved. It is also important to understand what your missing out out on from Google Instant and where you can maximise SEO to improve your results further.

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